How do I make a claim for R&D Tax relief?

You may have heard of R&D Tax Credits but may not be clear on how to claim it or where it fits into your company reporting process?

In this video, we clarify the process for claiming R&D tax relief for profitable companies and R&D Tax Credits for companies that make a tax loss in a financial accounting period.

The CT600 and supporting tax computation – that form the basis for making R&D tax claims – must be filed annually, regardless of whether you are seeking to claim the UK R&D tax incentive.

In this case, you slot your R&D claim into the tax return and file it with HMRC. HMRC have specialist R&D Tax units that aim to process claims within 28 days (which could be great for your cashflow!)


SEIS/EIS: What forms do I need to file with HMRC?

Here we outline the reporting requirements to HMRC when you are raising funding and issuing shares under either the seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) or the enterprise investment scheme (EIS).

There are some forms that you need to fill out and file with the tax authorities otherwise your investors will be unable to claim the income tax and / or capital gains tax relief…..

7. Don’t Forget These Important Points!

The final session in these series - here we look at some of the niggly points that you mustn't overlook when structuring tax efficient remuneration for UK director shareholders.

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5. Dividend Tax Optimisation – Part 1

In this video we dig deeper into tax strategies for using dividends as part of your overall remuneration mix as a UK Director shareholder.

Tax Efficient Remuneration Strategies for UK Directors​

Areas we cover include:

  • Dividend tax rates (hint: different to salary income tax rates)
  • ​How dividends can be structured tax efficiently alongside salary
  • Different scenarios for optimising tax savings

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4. Dividend Mechanics – How dividend tax rates apply?

Here's video number four in which we dig a little deeper into the tax rates and allowances that apply to dividends:

Tax Efficient Remuneration Strategies for UK Directors

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3. Optimum Salary Solutions – Personal Allowance v NIC threshold?

In this third video, we look at how the personal allowance and national insurance thresholds need to be considered when structuring the optimum salary for UK director shareholders in the tax year to 5 April 2018.

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2. What are the key tax thresholds for paying myself tax efficiently (2017-18)?

Tax Efficient Tax Remuneration Strategies for UK Directors (2017-18)

This is the second video in a series that considers the options for UK director shareholders looking to plan their remuneration strategy for the 2017 - 2018 tax year to ensure that they don't overpay tax.

​In this video we look at the the relevant thresholds for income tax and national insurance contribution purposes - and how they interact...

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