10 Tips for Today’s Successful Business

  1. Plan for the next 48 hours (rather than 48 months).
  2. Be clear on your vision. Your reason for being. How your business will add value – then share this with the world.
  3. Opportunities exist in problems. Don’t run away. Seek them out – today there are many BIG (profitable) problems to solve.
  4. Source new ideas from all areas of your business – regardless of hierarchy.
  5. Focus on being GREAT rather than being big.
  6. If you treat your staff like children – they’ll no doubt act like children.
  7. Improvise. Always.
  8. Ideas. Innovate. Ideas. Innovate……
  9. Transparency – be humble when you cock-up (and you will).
  10. Don’t be scared to Try stuff!