10 ways to simplify your business

  1. -POPWhat’s your number? What do you need to earn to be happy? What would you like to give to be happy? What’s your definition of success? Have a number – don’t be vague or live in a world of generalities; otherwise you might just become one. Be crystal clear on your number – it can guide everything else you do…
  2. Have a plan. Once clear on your number you need to break it down into your goals – 5 yr / 1 yr / quarterly / monthly / weekly / daily. Hold weekly stand-up meetings with key management to agree what you have collectively achieved this week and what you will achieve together next week. This avoids descending into daily unimportant (although often disarmingly urgent) trivia.
  3. Schedule all tasks in a calendar – share it with key colleagues (maybe family too). So that – as the old saying goes – you should always finish your day on paper before you start it. Remember, what gets scheduled gets done.
  4. Implement systems that can be repeated. This often a painful process but go forward on the basis of thinking “I will do this only once and document it so that others can do it after me”.
  5. Automate your business processes and connect them using cloud technology:- Xero accounting to Capsule CRM to Vend HQ to Harvest time tracking and the list goes on. Tools like IFFFT and Zapier can assist too.
  6. Always be mindful of the 80/20 rule – test your assumptions regarding your (supposed) best (or for that matter) worst customers and the same for your team, suppliers etc. What might be draining your business of time and money (probably both)? How can you squeeze more out of less?
  7. Find leverage. Identify what networks or partners could help you reach out to your preferred customers more quickly if you were to partner up together. You might be targeting the same group of customers. Leverage can be obtained by working together.
  8. Don’t get side-tracked chasing the next shiny object. Marketing is the lifeblood of your business and you should find a handful of ways of generating more leads than you need by mastering them. Don’t fall into the trap of throwing time and money into the next social media channel without mastering some trusted reliable methodologies first.
  9. Don’t fall into the trap of “analysis paralysis”. Strategy can rarely be tested on paper or in a boardroom. It is best learnt on the fly. Test, test, test. Mini projects rolled out that give you information from which you can make more informed strategic decisions.
  10. Keep it simple. Business is complex but we are often guilty of paddling around in circles for fear of making mistakes. By making some seemingly simple steps we can drive forward whilst constantly tweaking as conditions change.

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