13 tips for attracting more luck in business

It is easier to look at successful entrepreneurs and business owners and think or say “You’re so lucky”.

But can you make your own luck in business?

Try the following:

  1. Have a clear and meaningful purpose. Shout about it.
  2. Practise (“the harder I practise the luckier I get” – Gary Player)
  3. Be clear on your vision and what you need to do to get there.
  4. Turn up and give it your all. Every day – without fail.
  5. Listen. Listen. Listen some more.
  6. Inspire a sense of fun and adventure. Be playful.
  7. Focus on what’s important. The rest is busy-being-busy-time-filling fluff.
  8. Approach all from a mindset of service. Help others first.
  9. Build the fire and the heat will come. (Never chase the heat first, aka money.)
  10. Try new stuff. Test results. Refine and reappply the stuff that works. Keep on tinkering.
  11. Love your customers. Never take them for granted as you chase that new account.
  12. Share successes with your team. Build paths to enable them to rise alongside you.
  13. Be positive (yet realistic). Always.

What have I missed?