Who can claim R&D tax credits?

In this second podcast on Research & Development Tax Reliefs, we cover who can claim this generous UK tax incentive.

The R&D tax relief is administered via the UK corporation tax regime so, in essence, if your company is required to file a UK corporation tax return (posh term - 'CT600'), then you are potentially within scope for this tax relief.

Other less common eligible examples include:

  • UK branch of an overseas company - if the UK branch is filing a UK corporation tax return then it could be eligible
  • Corporate (company) partner(s) of a partnership could also be eligible.

Sole traders and partnerships are not in of themselves eligible for the R&D tax incentive.

95% of readers will have a UK limited company which means that the door is more than likely open to claim R&D tax reliefs - just need to identify qualifying activities and costs.... (more on these matters in future episodes!).

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