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What is SEIS?

SEIS: Startup term I wish I understood but was afraid to ask! Here is a brief overview of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme from a company founder’s perspective. Armed with more knowledge about this fantastic UK tax incentive aimed at start ups and early stage growth companies, hopefully we can get more impetus behind this government […]

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EIS or SEIS – You decide!

HM Revenue & Customs kindly provides companies with a form that can be used to apply for advance assurance that a company is a qualifying investment for Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) purposes. Obtaining such assurance in advance of a share issue under either scheme is highly valuable to prospective […]

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Getting the most out of SEIS to fill the funding gap

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) provides an excellent opportunity for early stage fast growth companies to access funding from founders, family, friends and business angels. In essence it rewards investors by allowing them to reclaim income tax at a rate of 50% of their investment under the scheme (limited to £100,000 investment per tax […]

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Seed EIS (SEIS) match-making conundrum

Six months in, we are starting to see increasing activity in relation to the fantastically generous Seed EIS (SEIS) funding tax-break for early stage companies. Investors can, in effect, be ‘subbed’ £78,000 by the Government for a £100,000 investment into a qualifying SEIS company – which is fairly staggering when you take into account the […]

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Get Seed EIS advance assurance for your startup

HMRC has now released the standard form that can be used to seek advance assurance from HMRC that your company is a qualifying company for Seed EIS (SEIS) tax efficient funding. Interesting timing given that HMRC will not actually provide advance assurance to applicants until the new SEIS tax laws receive formal approval (‘Royal Assent’) […]

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