Your Virtual Accountant

Today was like many others, but perhaps a world away from just a decade ago for an accountant and client working together. We wrestled through bank reconciliations, talked through accountancy adjustments, mulled over cost-drivers and shared insights around areas for growth. We were face to face and looked at the same screen with the same … Read moreYour Virtual Accountant

Meeting up with Virtual Clients

I am looking forward to finally meeting up with a long-standing client of mine this evening – a virtual client.  Although we have worked together for almost 4 years, we have never met in the flesh as he is based in Los Angeles, US.  Yet technology has allowed us to work closely over the years despite the … Read moreMeeting up with Virtual Clients

Professionals serving clients via The Cloud

As a practising chartered accountant and tax advisor, I am finding that the ability to reach out and service clients via The Cloud is getting easier (and even more fun).  Two recent examples from the past week: Sat at my Mac when I was pinged via Skype by one of my contacts “Steve, do you … Read moreProfessionals serving clients via The Cloud