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Become a Nose Collector

I like the idea of turning our natural inhibitions about selling products or services on its head – so rather than tentatively seeking a ‘Yes’ from prospective clients or customers, instead how about focusing on becoming a collector of ‘No’s’ (or should that be ‘nose’ :))? Approaching new business generation from this perspective suddenly becomes […]

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How to tap into your business MOJO

Lunch at Mojos in Rhosneigr, Anglesey is always a treat. I think all businesses could learn something from from this superb little cafe. Mojos captures the following key principles of all successful businesses: 1. Focus on your strengths Mojos serves crepes. Sweet ones and savory ones but not a whole lot else besides. So they […]

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Complimentary Bytes

With the rise of technology infiltrating all aspects of business, it could be easy to dismiss the future prospects of traditional businesses. To swap ‘bits’ for ‘bytes’.   If you sell music or books from high street retail shops, then this pessimism may be justified given the ease of delivering such products in digital form […]

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Missing link to business success

Luke Johnson, serial entrepreneur who runs Risk Capital Partners, gives a good summary of what it takes to be successful in business. Recommended reading. (His columns in the FT usually are). I would add one further trait that I see in all entrepreneurs who make it: It’s that glint in the eye. A steely determination. […]

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