£1m benefit of being a tax aware entrepreneur

Mark knew that his new business would be at the cutting-edge of technology and potentially even a world-player – exactly the sort of business that the UK Government is keen to promote and support in the form of tax incentives. Fully aware of the opportunities that the UK tax code provided for releasing cash into … Read more£1m benefit of being a tax aware entrepreneur

How much money should I take out of my business?

A common question asked by business founders and entrepreneurs is how much of the profit generated (after paying all expenses) they should leave in the company – or put another way: “How much should I pay myself?” Here are two scenarios: William pays himself enough to live off, pay the bills and take the family … Read moreHow much money should I take out of my business?

7 Traits of Successful Fast Growth companies

What is it that makes some businesses far more successful than others? In the years I have worked with successful fast growth companies I have seen the following traits displayed by each of them 1. Think BIG These highly successful fast growth companies may start out small but they think big from day one. This … Read more7 Traits of Successful Fast Growth companies

Preventing potentially expensive business balls-ups!

It’s been a busy start to the year so far. It’s nice to see businesses that I’ve been talking to and getting to know for a number of weeks, months (or in some cases years) reach critical points in their business lifecycle in either starting new ventures, seeking and raising funding or selling their businesses. … Read morePreventing potentially expensive business balls-ups!

Become a Nose Collector

I like the idea of turning our natural inhibitions about selling products or services on its head – so rather than tentatively seeking a ‘Yes’ from prospective clients or customers, instead how about focusing on becoming a collector of ‘No’s’ (or should that be ‘nose’ :))? Approaching new business generation from this perspective suddenly becomes … Read moreBecome a Nose Collector

How to tap into your business MOJO

Lunch at Mojos in Rhosneigr, Anglesey is always a treat. I think all businesses could learn something from from this superb little cafe. Mojos captures the following key principles of all successful businesses: 1. Focus on your strengths Mojos serves crepes. Sweet ones and savory ones but not a whole lot else besides. So they … Read moreHow to tap into your business MOJO

Missing link to business success

Luke Johnson, serial entrepreneur who runs Risk Capital Partners, gives a good summary of what it takes to be successful in business. Recommended reading. (His columns in the FT usually are). I would add one further trait that I see in all entrepreneurs who make it: It’s that glint in the eye. A steely determination. … Read moreMissing link to business success