Essential Technology Work Tools (Nov 2018)

Here’s our preferred current core ‘technology stack’ at work: Trello Trello is our core project management tool. It has become our central dashboard to running our business. We are power-users at our Firm so we track everything into and via Trello. All tasks are set up as cards and passed through the Kanban-style workflow process. … Read moreEssential Technology Work Tools (Nov 2018)

Chat with Ian Sanders: Entrepreneur, Writer, Author, Ideas guy

Ian Sanders Chat from Business N2K on Vimeo. Here is a talk with Ian Sanders (entrepreneur, writer, published author and all round ideas guy) on business, entrepreneurship, story-telling, productivity, education and making it as a successful business in 2013. Please note that this talk was recorded back in Feb 2013 and is now released having … Read moreChat with Ian Sanders: Entrepreneur, Writer, Author, Ideas guy

Fancy playing Business Card Roulette?

So just imagine, we meet at a networking event and you proudly pass me your business card. I reach into my inside jacket pocket and pull out a bundle of assorted business cards – some slightly dog-eared and others like new – and wriggle one out from under the tightly bound elastic band. I pull … Read moreFancy playing Business Card Roulette?

The Don’t Be a Banker scholarship!

We were busy running off a grant report for one of our tech startups when we stumbled across this inspired scholarship opportunity from Mint digital: “The Don’t Be a Banker Scholarship – £4,000 – aimed at steering talented graduates away from a career in banking” I originally thought it must be some kind of joke but … Read moreThe Don’t Be a Banker scholarship!

Effective communication need not cost the earth

If you’ve been wandering around the streets of Manchester of late, you might have noticed a new and ingenious advertising opportunity as demonstrated by on the pavements and side-walks. cleans paving slabs using just water and a stencil to spell out each striking advertising message. Simple, eco-friendly, clean, innovative and 100 times more noticeable than a billboard! Could this work for … Read moreEffective communication need not cost the earth

13 tips for attracting more luck in business

It is easier to look at successful entrepreneurs and business owners and think or say “You’re so lucky”. But can you make your own luck in business? Try the following: Have a clear and meaningful purpose. Shout about it. Practise (“the harder I practise the luckier I get” – Gary Player) Be clear on your vision and … Read more13 tips for attracting more luck in business

Social learning beats innovation to business success

Business Dilemma: You can build your business by either: Copying your competitors or Striking out to develop new Blue Ocean markets. Which is likely to be more successful? A fascinating new study carried out by Kevin Laland of the Universtity of St Andrews (covered in The New Scientist – 1 May 2010) suggests that the former copy-cat appoach is … Read moreSocial learning beats innovation to business success