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RD004 – Profitable / Loss-Making Companies – Which Benefit from R&D Tax Relief?

In this fourth episode of the R&D Tax Credits podcast, we cover which tax profile of company can benefit from the UK Research and Development tax relief between:

  1. Profitable SME companies – paying corporation tax
  2. Loss-Making SME companies – not paying corporation tax

There is a common misconception amongst business owners that if they fall into the second (loss-making) category then there’s no benefit to be gained from the R&D tax incentive – after all, they’re not paying corporation tax and the R&D tax incentive is a corporation tax incentive… But this is wrong.

Both categories of company tax profile can benefit with cash refunds in both cases – listen to learn more.

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RD003 – When and Why was the UK R&D Tax Credits incentive introduced?

In this podcast episode, we consider why the UK Research & Development Tax Relief was introduced back in 2000 by the Labour Government and then we explore why it has been further improved upon by the next Government.

This podcast is brought to you by ip tax solutions – the innovation tax specialists.

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R&D Tax Credits – A new podcast for Founders of Clever Companies!

We are delighted to introduce this new podcast on R&D Tax Credits to the BusinessN2K network of specialist podcasts aimed at informing and educating UK entrepreneurs.

This new​ podcast will provide short snappy summaries on the ins-and-outs plus case-studies on how the Research and Development tax relief might benefit your company - aimed at companies at all stages of the business life-cycle from startup through to international group.

In this introductory podcast we discuss:

  • Who might benefit from this podcast?
  • Why the R&D tax credit relief was introduced by the UK Government
  • The importance in the Dyson report, Ingenious Britain, in making the R&D tax incentive better and better year on year
  • ​Why so many companies seem to be missing out on potentially significant year on year cash tax savings and / or rebates?
  • The structure and approach of these shows​ 
  • How you can subscribe to ensure that you access every episode

Listen or download the audio below: