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7 R&D Tax Credit Tips

Don’t assume your company doesn’t qualify – even if your accountant has discounted it or perhaps not even mentioned it (in fact that might be all the more reason to check it out!) It doesn’t matter whether your company is profitable / tax paying in a financial period or loss-making – R&D tax relief can […]

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What’s so good about R&D tax relief?

The R&D tax relief is aimed at entities that are registered for UK corporation tax, so primarily UK companies. The relief itself is administered through the company corporation tax filing regime. What are some of the key benefits? Cash paid to companies that are pre-revenue and / or loss-making to reward them for undertaking R&D […]

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How to claim enhanced Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief?

The UK Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief Scheme is delivered via HMRC’s corporation tax filing system. After each financial accounting period, a company is required to prepare statutory accounts along with a corporation tax computation. The corporation tax computation calculates the tax liability of the company for the period (if profitable) based on the statutory accounts. […]

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