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Inspiring stuff

Some companies just ‘get it’. Hiut Denim has: Purpose Story Passion Get these crucial ingredients in place and suddenly you are competing on a completely different level to the majority of other businesses. PS You might also want to check out The Do Lectures from the same co-founder (David Hieatt). Inspiring stuff.  

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Time to share your Secret Sauce

Successful businesses used to protect their No.1 position by keeping their guard up at all times. Investing huge sums in protecting their winning ideas, strategies and practises. Keeping their key employees under lock and key (with lips sealed). In a nutshell, doing everything possible to keep their secret sauce bottled and firmly corked. However, there […]

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Think differently to engage and reward employees

Most companies pay bonuses to reward high performing employees – I recently had the pleasure of discussing more interesting ways of engaging employees with a fast growth tech company client. Beforehand, we’d discussed the tricky financial difficulties that may lie in-store for the majority of folk over the next 5 years given our perilous financial deficit […]

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John Timpson talks Upside Down Management

John Timpson talked Upside Down Management to kick off Manchester Business School’s (MBS) Vital Topic series this evening. Having built the Timpson business into a £100m+ turnover and £10m+ annual profit group, John Timpson had plenty of contrarian business ideas to share with the enthralled and packed MBS auditorium. Built around his Upside Down Management […]

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Championing Honest Business

Matt Langford ( and Chris Pearson ( recently exchanged views on whether businesses could be driven by values other than profit? Their skepticism appears to be swayed by the values of BIG business which can become skewed toward profit as the company grows – even if it didn’t start out that way. The challenge is […]

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Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) – Dawning of Constructive Capitalism?

Today’s the day that a mandatory carbon reporting and trading scheme comes into force for some 5,000 UK businesses (the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme is its full title if you’re interested!), yet confusion still reigns regarding its implementation, enforcement and its overarching policy goals. This is most evident from a Telegraph article […]

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Build your business around its WHY?

What is it about a businesses like Apple that allow growth in market share plus increasing profits? All whilst retaining a cool and forward-thinking market perception?  Is it due to Apple Mac’s relentless focus on growing its profits and market share? Partly perhaps, but there’s something else. Apple understands its WHY? It exists to create […]

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What’s in a price?

Getting the price right for your products or services is key if you are to survive – let alone thrive – but how do you achieve this? Most businesses reverse-engineer pricing – put simply, they work out how much it costs to buy and / or assemble the raw materials or goods, factor in other […]

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What Matters Now – Soul Business

Riffing off Seth Godin (and his collaborators’) contributions to the fantastic and recently published What Matters Now ebook, I thought I would add my one-pager (should Seth have asked me to contribute – maybe next time huh?) What Matters Now? Soul Business Making meaning through business.  Solving global problems.  Engaging people in work that fulfills […]

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