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14+4 = 18 (v Brexit)

For all the naysayers and dooms-day Brexiteers out there, here’s one for you: “14+4 = 18” So the theory goes that the land cycle has run to this formula over the past 200+ years of recorded history. Research suggests that the economy follows the value of land (theory of economic rent… and all that!). More […]

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Finding your true North

Richard North, Managing Director of Wow! Stuff, provides some great advice for entrepreneurs: “You are either an employee and you are prepared not to take risks and end up with a bonus or you become an employer, you take risks but you also end up with the rewards” Despite selling his first business for a […]

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Why Business Leaders need Vision

“Start with the end in mind” says Stephen Covey, in his landmark 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. Meanwhile, Fast Company co-founder Alan Webber advocates that entrepreneurs should: “Answer the final question first” Two highly successful visionary guys with a consistent key message – but what does this mean for you as an entrepreneur aiming […]

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