14+4 = 18 (v Brexit)

For all the naysayers and dooms-day Brexiteers out there, here’s one for you: “14+4 = 18” So the theory goes that the land cycle has run to this formula over the past 200+ years of recorded history. Research suggests that the economy follows the value of land (theory of economic rent… and all that!). More … Read more14+4 = 18 (v Brexit)

12 tips on building a business you can sell

Here are my notes from a very readable book called Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You by John Warrillow Do one thing well Treat like a product rather than bespoke service – one size fits all Service based companies are normally over-reliant on their founders – even if you can sell … Read more12 tips on building a business you can sell

25 years v 5 projects: Same yet (monstrously) different!

“Life is long – if you know how to use it…” – Seneca I am unsure if it is my background of working with venture capital backed businesses but I always find myself thinking in 3-5 year time horizons. So when I am advising businesses on strategy or exit planning this seems a natural reference … Read more25 years v 5 projects: Same yet (monstrously) different!

Finding your true North

Richard North, Managing Director of Wow! Stuff, provides some great advice for entrepreneurs: “You are either an employee and you are prepared not to take risks and end up with a bonus or you become an employer, you take risks but you also end up with the rewards” Despite selling his first business for a … Read moreFinding your true North

Utilising spare office space across cities

We are proud to be hosting the next Techcelerate event on Funding Options for the North West next Wednesday evening. This promises to be a fantastic event which has been matched by the high level of interest and ticket sales so far. The rising number of attendees means that we may need to decamp the … Read moreUtilising spare office space across cities

Blogging as a relationship builder for entrepreneurs

I’ve long been a fan of Fred Wilson’s blog (‘A VC’) – if you’re a start-up entrepreneur or business owner you really should subscribe too. The above video is a great snap-shot of the benefits of blogging in business. The gist of Fred’s words: “blogging allows for the opportunity for VCs to enter into a … Read moreBlogging as a relationship builder for entrepreneurs

Crowd sourcing for cost saving ideas – HM Treasury

Its interesting to see HM Treasury being sufficiently forward thinking to ‘crowd source’ for cost saving ideas. This Spending Challenge initiative enters its second stage today in which the general public are invited to vote upon the 44,000 ideas submitted. If HM Treasury can tap into this wisdom of the crowds, could your business be doing … Read moreCrowd sourcing for cost saving ideas – HM Treasury

Be a Better Business or a Different Business – You decide

When starting a business or reviewing your existing business strategy, you have the choice of two overarching strategic options open to you: Be better than the competition OR Be different from the competition Which option you choose is key. The future survival of your business depends upon it. Most entrepreneurs or business owners choose option 1. They … Read moreBe a Better Business or a Different Business – You decide

Why Business Leaders need Vision

“Start with the end in mind” says Stephen Covey, in his landmark 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. Meanwhile, Fast Company co-founder Alan Webber advocates that entrepreneurs should: “Answer the final question first” Two highly successful visionary guys with a consistent key message – but what does this mean for you as an entrepreneur aiming … Read moreWhy Business Leaders need Vision