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5. Dividend Tax Optimisation – Part 1

In this video we dig deeper into tax strategies for using dividends as part of your overall remuneration mix as a UK Director shareholder.Tax Efficient Remuneration Strategies for UK Directors​ Areas we cover include:Dividend tax rates (hint: different to salary income tax rates)​How dividends can be structured tax efficiently alongside salaryDifferent scenarios for optimising tax […]

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2. What are the key tax thresholds for paying myself tax efficiently (2017-18)?

Tax Efficient Tax Remuneration Strategies for UK Directors (2017-18)This is the second video in a series that considers the options for UK director shareholders looking to plan their remuneration strategy for the 2017 – 2018 tax year to ensure that they don’t overpay tax. ​In this video we look at the the relevant thresholds for […]

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1. How Can I Pay Myself Tax Efficiently from My Company?

Tax Efficient Remuneration Strategies for UK Directors (2017-18)Here is a kick-off video for a short series on Tax Efficient Remuneration Strategies for UK Director shareholders. In this video we cover the fundamentals around:Ways in which Directors can extract funds from their company?A summary of the different tax implications for each different way of extracting fundsAreas […]

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