Complimentary Bytes

With the rise of technology infiltrating all aspects of business, it could be easy to dismiss the future prospects of traditional businesses. To swap ‘bits’ for ‘bytes’.  

If you sell music or books from high street retail shops, then this pessimism may be justified given the ease of delivering such products in digital form – itunes, Amazon Kindle (bytes) versus HMV and Waterstones (bits)….

But what if it was possible to build a business in bits that could compliment a bytes businesses?

Think what ebay has done for shipping and postage companies – from a few selling to many, we now have many shipping to many via ebay and Amazon Marketplace. New postage, mailing and courier companies are surfacing to meet this increasing demand. 

The challenge now is for traditional ‘bits’ businesses to project forward to how their business might look as digital ‘bytes’ businesses, and to seize the first mover advantage or to look for complimentary services to keep on delivering the bits service in a bytes marketplace. 

In a nutshell, to provide complimentary bytes.