Developing new client relationships drip by drip

You must water your garden every single day.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of focusing on dealing with clients and customers in the here and now. You’re really busy – in fact you’re rushed off your feet – that’s great news, but if you miss one single day of reaching out to new prospects or renewing acquaintances with old clients then you are storing up trouble for the future – a garden that’s either parched or overgrown with weeds!

I was reminded of this the other day when a prospect that I have met with on several occasions (a company that falls within my definition of a ‘dream client’) sent me a LinkedIn invite – let me repeat “sent me” the invite. I realised that a few months had gone by and we had not been in touch. My contact may have been sending a polite reminder that we should get back in touch or more likely was busy forcing himself to tend to his own garden – either way, it was a shot across the bows and made me rethink when and how I had last been in touch with my prospects and clients.

If, like me, you are keen to ensure that you have a steady stream of clients and customers, you must discipline yourself to keep on investing in these relationships each and every day – even if you’re lucky enough to be rushed off your feet right now.

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