How to tap into your business MOJO

Lunch at Mojos in Rhosneigr, Anglesey is always a treat.

I think all businesses could learn something from from this superb little cafe.

Mojos captures the following key principles of all successful businesses:

1. Focus on your strengths
Mojos serves crepes. Sweet ones and savory ones but not a whole lot else besides. So they are good at making super tasty crepes. In fact, you’d be hard pushed to find better crepes this side of France. The evening menu has a choice of two main courses – a beef or a sea bass dish. That’s it. But they are equally excellent. Keep it simple.

2. Have a story
Alex, who co-owns Mojos, is a former kite-surfing champion. When he’s not teaching kite surfing or scuba diving to catch fresh bass for that evening’s dinner guests, he helps serve whilst his partner prepares the delicious food in the centre of the cafe. Not your average eating establishment set up.

3. Be unique
This is no copy-cat, run of the mill mundane high street cafe. The food is simple yet special and to top it all the cafe is named after Mojo, the cafe dog. Cartoons of Mojo adorn the menus and he occasionally graces the cafe, when he’s not wandering around on Rhosneigr beach – normally waiting for Alex to come back into shore from a stint out kite surfing!

Follow these simple principles and you too should be able to tap into your business MOJO.

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