Is the “How To” Content Marketing Strategy Dead (I think so)?

Neil Patel, the uber online SEO marketing genius, has started to talk about the death of the traditional content marketing strategy.  That it is the end of writing long and in depth “how to” blog posts to get inbound leads.

Why does he think this? Because there is now a surplus (more than ever) of these sorts of posts. It has reached a tipping point so, we have to face facts that, you’ll likely never get picked up by Google by blogging with How To style content.

So what’s the solution?

Getting personal. Yes, adding your own unique “take” on an issue or adding your personal “insights” seems to be the way to go moving forward. This approach is, by its very nature, unique – as there’s only ever ONE you.

Gary Vaynerchuk has been talking about “documenting rather than creating” content for a while.

You can see this in the success of Insta-stories. People are more interested in “getting to know” the people they follow. You just don’t get the same connection through a wall of “how to” text. So it’s becoming a turn off. And Google probably knows that…

So maybe I should eat my own dog-food and start putting more of the real me out there. You too? Now that’s the scary bit!

What do you think?

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