Putting Client Service 1st

It is tempting to spend your time chasing new clients and new work. It seems that as humans we are wired this way – the thrill is in the chase.

But when I look back over the past 12 months, I am pleased to say that most of my new work has come from existing clients. This makes sense as my business consulting and advisory work usually results from either:

  • clients happily picking up the phone to seek advice for specific business opportunities or issues
  • regular update meetings I arrange to identify opportunities e.g. tax saving or other growth opportunities
  • client referrals.

My key objective as a tax and business advisor is to develop close working relationships with my clients such that they view me as part of their business management team. To serve my clients first. If my clients grow, then I can grow. To have received the humbling feedback that I did from my clients in a recent survey suggests that I am on track in achieving this goal.

The challenge now is to further invest in my client relationships, to find new and more effective ways of working collaboratively (ideally in real-time) to deliver great service and, overall, to continue to build a circle of exciting, ambitious entrepreneurial clients (ideally by referral) here in the north west.

How have you benefited from putting client or customer service first in your marketing?