Show #001 – Juggle! ReThink Work, Reclaim your Life

I’m delighted to kick off our podcast series with a fascinating chat with Ian Sanders of The Ian Sanders Company on his latest book Juggle! Rethink Work, Reclaim your Life

Ian Sanders is an entrepreneur, ideas guy, marketing bloke, business potentialiser, unplan evangelist, specialist in creative industries and author!

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In our 20 minute chat, topics covered with Ian include:

  • Ian’s life as a Juggler
  • introducing ‘plurality’ into our work and lives
  • avoiding being defined by our job title
  • how employees can also embrace the Juggle lifestyle to be more entrepreneurial
  • how the introduction of a reduced (often 4 day) work week during the recession could benefit both employers and employees over the longer term
  • rethinking the notion of retirement by reframing work
  • challenge of ‘switching off’ given the ‘always on’ 24 hr nature of technology tools
  • key lessons from Kevin Roberts (global CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi) on balancing work and life
  • importance of being passionate about what you do – “play where you play best”
  • effectively managing your 24 hours per day

You can find this book at Amazon and you can find more from Ian Sanders at his website, plus regular updates on Ian’s latest thinking on his blog and on Twitter.

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Credits: Thanks to Ian Sanders for this week’s show + music used in the BusinessN2K podcast is by Viba – In the Orchard lies a Secret – available as a free download and is released under a Creative Commons Licence

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