Tomorrow’s Business – 37 Signals, Duct Tape Marketing plus more

The following are links worthy of your attention in running your small-medium sized business:

Interview with Jason Fried of 37 Signals (video) – fascinating insights into productive work, generating ideas and products, improving communication – overall, tips in relation to the effective modern workplace. Great quote about entrepreneurialism and the danger of getting VC funding too early:

“The things you do more often are the things you get good at – so if early on you concentrate on spending money then you’ll get really good at spending money. If you have to concentrate on making money from day one then you get really good at making money – that’s what you have to be as an entrepreneur”

The Fear is Real – Six Pixels of Separation – Mitch Joel encourages businesses to engage in building their communities online via social media ready for when they might need their tribe to support them if the brand comes under attack. The problem is that there is a fear of getting on board – is it really that scary?

Nic Brisbourne at The Equity Kicker covers some great ideas espoused by Astro Teller on innovation including:

“When someone comes with an idea for a project, insist that they also show you nine other ideas they had and discarded.  Partly this is because people shouldn’t just be coming with the first idea they think of, but also because forcing people with one good idea to go through a ‘I’d better think up nine other dumb ideas for my boss’ process, will generate a lot of creativity.  One of the ‘dumb’ ideas might turn out to be the best one”

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing sets out an automated lead generation marketing system – simple when you know how.

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