Your Virtual Accountant

Today was like many others, but perhaps a world away from just a decade ago for an accountant and client working together. We wrestled through bank reconciliations, talked through accountancy adjustments, mulled over cost-drivers and shared insights around areas for growth. We were face to face and looked at the same screen with the same … Read moreYour Virtual Accountant

10 benefits of working with a cloud accountant

We  work together on the same figures – working in real-time. We can step in and advise early if something looks amiss or where there’s a potential planning opportunity. You know where you are in terms of business performance now. Today. This week. This Month. And so can act upon it. We can work at … Read more10 benefits of working with a cloud accountant

Hate Accounting! Or Love Accounting?

The accountancy industry, like every other, is going through a rapid period of change. When I read posts like this, I feel a little despondent. It gives me that awkward feeling that I get when people ask me what I do at dinner parties or networking events? I stumble between: “I’m an accountant” “I’m a … Read moreHate Accounting! Or Love Accounting?