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HMV woes offers ray of light for smaller brave companies

HK Central Building HMV Group shop

With the grim news that high street giants like HMV are set to fall into administration (plus news that a further 140 retailers are on the critical list), it is easy to feel downbeat and despondent – yet I remain energised and optimistic for the future thanks to the small yet fast growing companies that I am fortunate enough to work with who are bucking the trend by either:

The majority of the BIG high street stores have suffered on all counts. Yet if the internet is eating your lunch – you would think that these huge companies would realise that they cannot carry on with the same old. But they have. Nothing has really changed in these stores over decades. They have been unwilling to take risks or small bets as they have been too busy milking the cash cow. Or too big or too scared to change course. Not for much longer…

These are exciting times. But now is NOT the time to follow the herd.

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