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Weekend Reading: The A-Z of Persuasive Communication

As business owners, we sometimes struggle to clearly convey our business message to potential customers e.g. exactly what benefits we can bring or what pain we can alleviate?

In a noisy marketplace we can’t afford to miss selling opportunities – which makes effective communication skills increasingly important.

Fortunately, Andrew Thorp has come to the rescue in the North West with his series of Speakeasy events which aim to help entrepreneurs and business owners hone their business message.

Andrew released a short free ebook fairly recently called The A-Z of Persuasive Communication which is a good incisive read capturing many of the key learning points.

Armed with these tips you’ll feel more focused, confident and ready to get out there to speak to potential new clients and targets.

Effective communication need not cost the earth

If you’ve been wandering around the streets of Manchester of late, you might have noticed a new and ingenious advertising opportunity as demonstrated by ReverseGraffiti.co.uk on the pavements and side-walks.

ReverseGraffiti.co.uk cleans paving slabs using just water and a stencil to spell out each striking advertising message. Simple, eco-friendly, clean, innovative and 100 times more noticeable than a billboard!

Could this work for your business to communicate its message in a highly effective yet affordable way?

I highly recommend that you visit their website to view examples of their 3D pavement art – simply stunning. Watch this short video as a taster:

Whilst we’re on the subject of innovation and things being not quite what they seem; how about the following for a novel way of reducing road speeds:

If you saw this ahead, would it slow you down?

Likely. But you could be cunning and aim to drive so that you’re wheels straddle the pot-hole either side. To combat this, would the following slow you down?

Almost certainly, but hey it’s not very eco-friendly or cost efficient to go around digging potholes in otherwise perfectly manicured roads – unless all is not quite what its seems?

Two good examples of effective and innovative communication that need not cost the earth.

Do you have any other creative and innovative examples to share?