Rise of the Micropreneur running Microbusinesses

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy. Especially those entrepreneurs who are prepared to pick up their bat and start again after a successful exit or business failure – they are often referred to as serial entrepreneurs.

But there may now be a new kid on the block…

The Micropreneur

The Micropreneur is a different sort of entrepreneur. They start and build lots of small businesses normally simultaneously. There is also no overriding aim to build a large business. Being small is ideal. Being a microbusiness is key. This has the following advantages:

  • Lean infrastructure e.g. fewer employees, small / shared office space etc
  • Technology-driven to increase speed and maintain low costbase
  • Networked relationships to outsource non-core activities
  • Flexible, nimble, adaptive ready to jump on the next idea, opportunity or trend
  • Cross-pollination of ideas between microbusinesses
  • Getting started doesn’t cost much
  • Failure doesn’t cost much

Microbusinesses run by Micropreneurs are on the increase and it is easy to see why. For example, why settle for a 9-5, 5 day -a-week business when you could juggle 3-5+ exciting small businesses instead. This also spreads the risk should one business fail.

For those employees who view the alternative of being an entrepreneur as risky, being a micropreneur could be the perfect antidote.

Likewise for those investors who view business angels as big risk-takers, being a microangel that invests (say £1k – £20k) in these fast growth, nimble businesses could provide an exciting opportunity as well as supporting some of our best and innovative talent.