Do you (really) need sales training for your team?

Have you considered sales training for your team?

To improve individual team member’s selling skills so that they can more effectively:

  • Help customers buy
  • Handle objections
  • Emphasise benefits rather than features
  • Enhance their persuasive skills
  • Develop rapport
  • yada yada yada….

Forget it.

Your team are already great sales people – even Marge in accounts! They influence, sell and persuade every single day.

It might be that they are ‘selling’ their favourite TV programme, iPhone app, new find online shop or whatever to friends, contacts¬†etc but when something pushes people’s buttons they can sell, sell, sell – without even thinking about it. Everyone wants to recommend new, trustworthy and interesting products and services and to be seen as a good referral source.

So if your team are already great sales people, why isn’t your business selling more?

You may be looking in the wrong direction. Focus instead on your product or service. It should sell itself by being at least one of the following:

  1. THE cheapest
  2. filling a gap in the market
  3. being unique

1 and 2 are tough. 3 gives you the best possible chance of success. If your team believe that your product is unique, interesting, fun etc then they will talk, sell, persuade, influence and do all of those things that you can otherwise pay ¬£’000s for sales training to teach them.

Think before you seek sales training for your team – are you investing money to solve the right problem?

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