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FGB001 – Richard Mills, CEO of Sleepcogni – Kickstarter

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We are pleased to welcome Richard Mills, CEO and Founder of new UK startup Sleepcogni to the first episode of the Fast Growth Business podcast.

Before we dive into this insightful interview on launching a product business via Kickstarter, we should introduce the aims and objectives of the Fast Growth Business podcast.

Fast Growth Business Podcast – Objectives

Fast Growth Business is aimed at UK entrepreneurs and founders seeking to start up a new business with the aim of scaling to exit fast – aka a fast growth business. We’ll aim to share interviews and tips from entrepreneurs plus advice and strategies from professionals such as VCs, lawyers, accountants etc with a focus on:

  1. Raising funding – including VC, business angels (SEIS / EIS), crowdfunding e.g. Crowdcube, Seedrs etc; pledge funding e.g. Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc
  2. Building a team
  3. Scaling your business
  4. Preparing for exit

Who are we?

Being as it’s the first episode, we should explain who we are…..

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Business info tip of the day

Today we explain how you can access all UK company information e.g. annual financial accounts, free of charge. This information has been available for a while via the Companies House website; however, it has been a ‘paid for’ service. Now under a new release, users can access all of this information for free.

This can be especially useful for accessing information on customers, suppliers and / or competitors.

You can access this information via the following beta site:

Try it out – its very useful.

Interview with Richard Mills, CEO of Sleepcogni – launched on Kickstarter

In this interview, Richard outlines his approach to building his latest venture, Sleepcogni, and launching it via Kickstarter.

His approach to finding the right people and specialists to help him build his team is summarised plus Richard explains how the Kickstarter launch process helps focus the entrepreneur’s mind on the most important factors and how it helps ensure that momentum is maintained. Richard also explains the added benefits of crowdfunding in terms of testing product viability and building a following of fans.

You can find the Sleepcogni Kickstarter campaign here.

The campaign runs until 10 December 2015 so get over there quick to lend your support!

Looking for your input

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