SEIS | Need to know facts for startups

SEIS Need to know tips for startups from Business N2K on Vimeo. A short 5 min overview of the Seed EIS tax incentive and need to know facts and tips for startup founders. Remember, SEIS requires a subscription for shares – loans do not work. Look forward to your feedback and experience of using the … Read moreSEIS | Need to know facts for startups

What is SEIS?

SEIS: Startup term I wish I understood but was afraid to ask! Here is a brief overview of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme from a company founder’s perspective. Armed with more knowledge about this fantastic UK tax incentive aimed at start ups and early stage growth companies, hopefully we can get more impetus behind this government … Read moreWhat is SEIS?

£1m benefit of being a tax aware entrepreneur

Mark knew that his new business would be at the cutting-edge of technology and potentially even a world-player – exactly the sort of business that the UK Government is keen to promote and support in the form of tax incentives. Fully aware of the opportunities that the UK tax code provided for releasing cash into … Read more£1m benefit of being a tax aware entrepreneur

Seed EIS (SEIS) match-making conundrum

Six months in, we are starting to see increasing activity in relation to the fantastically generous Seed EIS (SEIS) funding tax-break for early stage companies. Investors can, in effect, be ‘subbed’ £78,000 by the Government for a £100,000 investment into a qualifying SEIS company – which is fairly staggering when you take into account the … Read moreSeed EIS (SEIS) match-making conundrum

Seed EIS (SEIS) – 10 need to know facts for UK start-ups

The introduction of Seed EIS (SEIS) is a major break-through for early stage companies seeking funding. Here are 10 need to know (N2K!) facts for start-up founders on the new SEIS scheme: SEIS allows investors in early stage companies to receive 50% income tax relief on investments up to £100,000 per year. So for every £1 … Read moreSeed EIS (SEIS) – 10 need to know facts for UK start-ups