Your Virtual Accountant

Today was like many others, but perhaps a world away from just a decade ago for an accountant and client working together. We wrestled through bank reconciliations, talked through accountancy adjustments, mulled over cost-drivers and shared insights around areas for growth. We were face to face and looked at the same screen with the same … Read moreYour Virtual Accountant

Chat with Ian Sanders: Entrepreneur, Writer, Author, Ideas guy

Ian Sanders Chat from Business N2K on Vimeo. Here is a talk with Ian Sanders (entrepreneur, writer, published author and all round ideas guy) on business, entrepreneurship, story-telling, productivity, education and making it as a successful business in 2013. Please note that this talk was recorded back in Feb 2013 and is now released having … Read moreChat with Ian Sanders: Entrepreneur, Writer, Author, Ideas guy

How much money should I take out of my business?

A common question asked by business founders and entrepreneurs is how much of the profit generated (after paying all expenses) they should leave in the company – or put another way: “How much should I pay myself?” Here are two scenarios: William pays himself enough to live off, pay the bills and take the family … Read moreHow much money should I take out of my business?

5 tips for securing funding – Bill Morrow: Angels Den

Bill Morrow, founder of the Angel Network, outlines 5 top tips for entrepreneurs seeking funding from VCs: Make sure you can explain your business quickly and succinctly. If it takes you more than 5 minutes, then you’ve yet to get it nailed. Back to the drawing-board for you! Outline the pain that your product or … Read more5 tips for securing funding – Bill Morrow: Angels Den

Finding your true North

Richard North, Managing Director of Wow! Stuff, provides some great advice for entrepreneurs: “You are either an employee and you are prepared not to take risks and end up with a bonus or you become an employer, you take risks but you also end up with the rewards” Despite selling his first business for a … Read moreFinding your true North

Preventing potentially expensive business balls-ups!

It’s been a busy start to the year so far. It’s nice to see businesses that I’ve been talking to and getting to know for a number of weeks, months (or in some cases years) reach critical points in their business lifecycle in either starting new ventures, seeking and raising funding or selling their businesses. … Read morePreventing potentially expensive business balls-ups!

How to get to grips with your business finances

It is easy to get caught up in ‘doing’ rather than ‘running’ your business. So many business owners find themselves running simply to stand still – finding new customers, taking and fulfilling orders and addressing (hopefully not too many) customer complaints. Sometimes its difficult to see the wood for the trees: I’m really busy so … Read moreHow to get to grips with your business finances

VAT growing pains for virtual UK business

Interesting comments from Ryan Carson of Carsonified in response to questions regarding hidden challenges lurking in global business via the excellent Duct Tape Marketing. He singled out dealing with VAT as one of the single biggest challenges in growing his UK training business to become a global player commenting: Image via CrunchBase The laws surrounding … Read moreVAT growing pains for virtual UK business

Business technology solutions: Keep it simple

Few would doubt that technology is set to be a huge enabler for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) as most have been largely underserved until recent years. We are only now starting to see some more user-friendly enterprise software e.g. for accounting, CRM, communication (internal and external) etc, that help SMEs compete on almost a … Read moreBusiness technology solutions: Keep it simple

A new breed of successful business

It is time to change how we measure and interpret success for businesses today. To introduce a definition of business success that is more aligned with our changing business environment i.e. a drive for innovation mixed with a growing distrust of large corporations and lower cost of starting new businesses. It used to be the … Read moreA new breed of successful business