Know Your Strategy

There are two opposing views: “Strategy is the rare and precious skill of staying one step ahead of the need to be efficient” – Dr Jules Goddard – Uncommon Sense, Common Nonsense Or “Your margin is my opportunity Jeff Bezos -Founder,  Amazon Neither perspective on strategy is right or wrong – today we discuss the importance … Read moreKnow Your Strategy

19 Thoughts on Effective Strategy

Be crystal clear on your Vision. Your Mission. Your reason for Being. Solve a problem. Ideally a BIG problem. Be prepared to say ‘No’ or pass up on opportunities that don’t match your strategy (you WILL be tested). Never put price at the centre of your strategic advantage. When you are solving BIG problems in NEW ways, … Read more19 Thoughts on Effective Strategy

Why being a middle of the road business is a BIG mistake

It seems reasonable to assume that targeting your business at the middle is a safe bet.  After all, the middle comprises the majority of customers. Right? Perhaps – but there is a nasty sting in the tail for the unwary… The middle is big.  Very BIG. The middle provides the most choice for customers. The … Read moreWhy being a middle of the road business is a BIG mistake