Time management

4 tips to your most productive working week

We’re in the run up to Christmas (plus its the start of the week) so its important that we can squeeze every last second of productivity out of our remaining working time. Here are 4 tips that just might help:

    Focus on your No.1 priority (clue: not Facebook) mousepad
  1. Focus on the 2 or 3 things that really matter. Take a second look at your ‘to-do list’. How much of it really matters and / or are you the right person to be doing much of it? Can you delegate more or simply strike it off the list? Be brave.
  2. Get your head out of your email inbox. Designate specific time to checking email every day but stick to this plan. Don’t be reactive and respond as soon as email arrives. Be in control of your time and task priority. Stick to this plan all week.
  3. Confirm whether you really need all of those internal meetings scheduled in your calendar. Can the issues be solved beforehand by circulating a brief agenda inviting comments? – also rather than clutter yours and others’ inbox further with agendas etc, consider using online tools like Yammer for discussion. Experiment with this.
  4. Clear your desk. Cluttered desk = Cluttered mind. Sweep all printed paper into the recycling – if you need it, you can reprint it (chances are you’ll never need to). You’ll feel much better for it.

Are there any productivity tips that you can share to help us improve our focus on key business needs and avoid distraction?