They Don’t Build Them Like That Anymore

We wandered around the streets of Florence, in Italy earlier this year, mouths agape, gazing up a spectacular buildings, awe-inspiring marble statutes and ornate piazzas.

gift from 100’s and even 1,000’s of years of human imagination, (lost) skills and hard graft. To carve and sculpt the stone before carting and building up those proud monuments – all without the labour-saving machinery that we enjoy today? Built on blood, sweat and tears.

As I admired this skill and beauty, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt. Guilt about our generation, and what we’re leaving behind as our legacy to the world. Our gift for future generations to enjoy.

What are we leaving (or failing to leave) for future generations to admire…? Picture our descendants wandering around our streets (that we built) with ice-creams melting in hand, unable to tear they’re eyes away from the beauty and magistery of…….erm…..streets of identical looking bungalows, 1960s high-rise flats, state-of-the-art (read: cheap) venues like cinemas and concert halls….

Where has the artistry gone? Human ingenuity. Our most beautiful relics are seemingly solely from many generations ago. And not being replaced.

Are we no longer building things to last?

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