When Can I File Form SEIS1 with HMRC? What is the timing for when it can be filed?

A super quick update on a question I regularly receive from clients regarding the timing of the filing of the form SEIS1 with HMRC for the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

This form SEIS1 needs to be filed with HMRC for the SEIS investors to be able to secure the tax certificate that can be used to claim the tax relief, typically via their tax returns.
There are two (either/or) conditions:
1. You must have spent at least 70% of the cash that you raised under that particular round of funding to which the SEIS related OR 
2. You must have carried on the (new qualifying) trade for at least four months 

One of these conditions must have been satisfied. I must confess that in practice I find that the majority of my clients hit the 70% of cash being spent condition first (!) but either is fine.

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